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Best Western PLUS Swan Hotel & Best Western Shrubbery Hotel

The BEST WESTERN PLUS Swan Hotel is a 48 bedroomed property with suites and self-catering apartments located in Wells, sitting directly opposite Wells Cathedral. The BEST WESTERN Shrubbery Hotel consists of 21 individually furnished, en-suite bedrooms, situated in Ilminster, Somerset.


The hotel required the Two-Way Best Western CRS Interface and researched the market accordingly. Although they already had the Interface at the Swan Hotel, their preferred option was to have the same system across both properties.  They wanted a tried and tested solution that would deliver return on investment.


The demonstration from Guestline addressed all their needs and provided a range of solutions that would enable them to achieve their business goals.

The hotel’s General Manager was reassured that the systems could fulfil their requirements from both an individual site and a group perspective.


Efficient project management:

The Guestline project manager communicated closely with the hotel general manager during every step of the project. They understood the hotel’s requirements and organised the smooth transition and installation of their new systems. The project planning worked around the needs of the hotels and there was no disruption to normal hotel service.

Effective training:

The training for the two sites took place at the same time. Over 40 staff were put through a rigorous programme to learn the full functionality of the systems from front of house through to EPoS.

The trainer’s knowledge of the products and their understanding of the business was second to none. They delivered clear instructions to all members of the team and adapted their training according to every staff member’s skill level, speed of learning and prior knowledge.

Smooth installation:

Guestline completed their fastest ever Two-Way installation at the Shrubbery Hotel in just under 2 hours by working closely with the Best Western team in America. The installs went seamlessly and day to day operations, including accounts and guest bookings, were unaffected.

Increased occupancy:

In just 3 weeks since the install, the Shrubbery Hotel achieved a 20% uplift in room sales and an increase of 8% at the Swan Hotel thanks to increased exposure across multiple channels and closer rate management. Last room availability across all channels also helped boost direct bookings at both properties.

Flexible rates:

Rates have increased as changes can be made instantly and accurately across all channels and rate parity is easily achieved. The General Manager can assess and monitor competitor’s rates, room stock and local events and manipulate rates and availability accordingly even from the comfort of his own home!

Versatile system:

The system is simple to use and easy to navigate, doing everything the hotels require. The system will be able to grow and expand in line with the group’s expansion plans e.g. when the Shrubbery Hotel extends and the group opens their third hotel.

Improved reporting:

Staff can run reports at a press of a button to review the group’s total performance and see various statistics. They can get a clear and simple analysis of actual and forecasted figures and identify peaks and troughs to enable them to act on them with an offer or new package.

Flexible working:

The General Manager can work remotely if needed; he can support and manage both hotels from one site making management more efficient across the group.

All the staff across the group are multi-skilled and can operate all the systems from any PC so can be assigned to either of the properties depending on the needs of the hotels. This makes better use of the resources and ensures a consistent operation across both sites.

Reduced costs:

As there are fewer bookings over the phone and less paperwork to deal with, the group can manage with just one reservation team and fewer members of staff.

Improved customer service:

 As staff are spending less time over the phone, they can interact with customers more, providing a more personal service and increasing their ability to upsell and maximise revenue opportunities across the hotel.

Improved connectivity:

They were terminal server based previously and connectively was poor especially at the hotels that didn’t have fibre broadband. They are experiencing improved connectivity with the Guestline systems as they are all cloud hosted.

Solid investment:

The systems represented extremely good value for money as they could achieve everything the group needed from one supplier as well as adhering to the Best Western mandate.

The whole installation from first inception to final completion and go live went extremely smoothly thanks to careful planning and efficient execution. Both properties are already experiencing an uplift in occupancy and I am sure that in time as we learn to manage the system to its absolute maximum we will equally increase ARR and room yield.

As the system is simple to use and easy to navigate, doing everything the hotels require, the staff have picked it up in no time at all. The system is versatile and will be able to grow and expand in line with the group’s expansion plans.

Changing a system is always unsettling and it’s an unnerving time for all concerned. The Guestline systems weren’t the cheapest on the market, but the value for money was phenomenal – you certainly get what you pay for…and more!

As this is the best solution currently on the market to serve our needs and deliver results, we have definitely made the right decision to move systems – the switch to Guestline wasn’t a sale, more of a new partnership.

Mark Tobin
General Manager

versatile system
increase in sales
improved customer service