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Best Western Passage House Hotel

Located on the banks of the Teign Estuary, the Best Western Passage House Hotel boasts 90 bedrooms, 28 lodges and a luxurious leisure suite with steam room, sauna and gym.


The Best Western mandate to install the new Two-Way CRS Interface prompted the hotel to review their systems. They were not happy with their old system as it lacked the intelligent reporting they so needed.

The hotel met with 2 other PMS suppliers and the demonstration from Guestline indicated how the solutions could satisfy their business needs and enable them to grow their business.

Along with more thorough reporting and analysis, the hotel also wanted to manage rates more effectively to drive ARR and streamline operations.



Efficient installation:

The install went smoothly and even though the hotel had 25,000 rooms to input, the task was undertaken calmly and efficiently by the Guestline trainers who worked late into the night to complete the job on-time and with minimal disruption to the hotel’s day-to-day operations.

Easy and intuitive system:

Even though it was completely different to their old system, Rezlynx PMS proved easy to pick up and the team were able to use all the different functionality from the start. Staff have been able to train up new starters on the system with ease.

Higher rates:

Average room rates have increased by £6 by monitoring and flexing the rates. The Revenue, Sales and Marketing Manager can manage the rates anytime, anywhere from her mobile giving her the flexibility and control to amend them there and then on one platform.

More efficient operations:

It has had a huge impact on their day to day operations as the system is highly automated and there is less manual uploading and inputting. It’s now a simple process to amend the room types, rates and availability across all channels from just one place.

More control:

The Revenue, Sales and Marketing manager now has the ability to keep in touch and remain in control wherever she is – be it on holiday or over the weekend. This frees up her time, enabling her to work more effectively and keep on top of her workload remotely if required.

Increased occupancy:

By checking and comparing rates against the competition and flexing them accordingly, the hotel has increased occupancy year-on-year, averaging between 80-90%. The hotel now features at the top of the STR tracker for rates and occupancy in the area for the first time ever.

Simple channel management:

It is easy for the hotel to manage the distribution of their room stock to all the channels from just one system - no need to switch between multiple screens and systems or manually upload the rates.

Improved customer service:

The system records all guests’ past history and any special requests they had so the staff know if they have got any personal preferences and can go the extra mile during their stay.

Maintenance issues are also resolved a lot quicker as work can be noted on the system and viewed by the maintenance team on their tablets and addressed immediately.

Enhanced customer communication:

The hotel stays in contact with guests after the initial stay which helps driving repeat bookings direct through the hotel. The hotel sends out booking confirmation emails ahead of the guest’s stay and a thank you email post stay encouraging the guests to leave a review.


The account manager has stayed in close contact with the hotel and is always available to answer any questions or offer additional insight. The Support team over the phone are very helpful, nothing is too much trouble and they are quick to resolve any issues.

Improved check-ins:

Housekeeping can make the front desk aware (via their tablets) when rooms are ready so staff can arrange earlier check-ins when rooms become available ahead of schedule. Guests can be checked in a lot quicker now and the front desk can do multiple check outs at the same time, in a timely fashion.

The new systems have had a huge impact on our rates. I can now change a whole month’s worth of rates in under 20 minutes which has not only increased our ARR but enables us to achieve rate parity and remain competitive.

The systems are easy to manage and have helped cut down our workload and speed up operations.

Carley Warren
Revenue Sales and Marketing Manager 

90% occupancy
room rate increase
Best Western interface