02 November, 2016

Guestline provide Revenue Management services to Robinsons Brewery

Robinsons Brewery have recently under taken revenue management workshops with Guestline to maximise revenue across their portfolio.

With 300 pubs, inns and hotels across the North West, Robinsons wanted to understand the logic behind rate management. The team wanted insight into how they could maximise revenue and what they could do to drive more revenue throughout. 

Alex Bufton, Distribution Consultant at Guestline worked with Robinsons Brewery on a short term project which yielded fantastic results. After just a handful of sessions, Robinsons Brewery saw an increase in both revenue and occupancy.

“Being non-hoteliers, revenue management was a daunting prospect. We knew we needed to do something, but didn’t understand the process enough to implement changes ourselves. Having Alex on board was brilliant! She explained everything about revenue management and left us feeling confident with what we need to do, the reason we need to do it and how we can adapt and continue to manage our rates, customer journey and the opportunities we can tap into.

I would highly recommend Guestline revenue management services, we are in a much stronger position now and in house understanding is at a high. The things we overlook with the day to day management of the brewery are the things that can make us the most money – Things we were not putting enough emphasis on.”

Simon Taylor – Retail Operations Manager at Robinsons Brewery 

Revenue management consultancy is the latest addition to Guestline’s suite of hospitality solutions, allowing properties the flexibility of purchasing either adhoc revenue management or a more tailored program on a regular basis.

To ensure hotels are reaching their full potential, it is imperative to have a rate strategy in place to identify areas where revenue can be maximised and to highlight activity that can be utilised to increase occupancy, revenue and rates. Bufton works on a simple concept – ensuring hotels are selling the right room, at the right price, to the right guest, in the right place.

Alex Bufton explains “Working with Robinsons Brewery has been very rewarding. Highlighting areas in which effective changes can be made to drive the bottom line has allowed the team to increase rooms, revenue and occupancy. Revenue management is often neglected as hoteliers are focused on delivering service, but this needn’t be the case. We work with you and provide winning strategies that support your business objectives.

Guestline’s revenue management services are a brilliant way to ensure you are capturing the opportunities available throughout the customer journey – regardless of whether you are an independent hotel, a group, a pub, pub management company, serviced apartment or university. Guestline can tailor revenue management services to suit your property’s exact needs and help you manage your available capacity for profit. “

To arrange a consultation on Guestline’s Revenue Management services, click here.

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