01 November, 2017

Guestline and UpsellGuru enter partnership to increase guest satisfaction

Guestline are pleased to announce that UpsellGuru is the latest company to join the Guestline partner ecosystem. UpsellGuru is the only online system that allows hotels to offer guests upgrade opportunities to higher room categories through a bidding process. Additionally, guest can also book reservation add-ons to enhance their stay.

Hotels can significantly increase their bottom line revenues, while enhancing their guests’ stays and controlling the number of free upgrades. 

“We at UpsellGuru are thrilled to partner with Guestline, a leader in the hospitality technology industry, who offer an amazing suite of solutions making the integration extremely easy. Our growing number of mutual clients will benefit greatly from the integration, which offers accommodation providers an automated solution to increase hotel revenue through pre-arrival room up-selling.” 

Karl Schmidtner, Managing Director UpsellGuru

The  interface, which is readily available by contacting the Guestline team, includes features such as automatically sending and receiving upgrade requests to a hotel’s targeted customers. It is customisable to showcase hotel’s brand colours and logos and the products they want to sell.

In addition, daily transactions in real time are available so hotels can adjust their selling strategy according to the results and guests can book reservation add-ons such as breakfast and transportation. The two companies are now working in close partnership and have the interface in place with several customers who have reported very positive results.

Janet Beesley-Iddon, revenue, sales and marketing manager at Barton Grange said “From the get go, this has been the easiest addition to our software portfolio. Set up was smooth and UpsellGuru guided us through the process with fantastic information supplied at all times. The customer journey has improved significantly and we have seen an increase in room upgrades and added extras such as breakfast sales. This is the easiest way to increase revenue with no added workload for the team – the interface does all of the work for us!”

To arrange a demonstration of the Guestline and UpsellGuru interface, please contact a member of the team here.

For more information on UpsellGuru visit the website www.upsellguru.com or send an email to info@upsellguru.com

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