12 October, 2016

Guest reviews increase five-fold at the Dolby Hotel

With over 77% of travellers checking reviews as part of their booking process, it’s imperative for hotels to be actively encouraging guests to review their stay in order to drive their TripAdvisor ranking. 

Dolby Hotel in Liverpool has successfully increased the number of TripAdvisor reviews five-fold following the implementation of Guestline and TripAdvisor’s latest tool, Review Express. Guestline, market-leaders in hotel reservation and channel distribution software, has created an integration to TripAdvisor’s Review Express which invites hotel guests to write a review on TripAdvisor and boost a hotel’s engagement levels post-stay. Fully automated, the tool is proven to increase the quantity and quality of reviews in addition to providing the hotel with valuable feedback and useful insights.

“In this day and age, us hoteliers need to have our finger on the pulse when it comes to reviews and realise the important role they play in driving bookings and maintaining a high level of occupancy. Guestline’s collaboration with TripAdvisor’s Review Express tool gave us the perfect platform to capture reviews and utilise them to our advantage. It is an automated process following check-out and since implementing the interface, we have seen 5 times the amount of reviews being left which has helped boost our ranking and score on TripAdvisor.”

Gavin Shelton, General Manager at Dolby Hotel 

Dolby Hotel also use Guestline’s latest online booking module which has the Price Assure tool incorporated on it. This tool allows guests to compare the total cost of their stay on the hotel's website against five other channels giving them confidence they’re getting the best rate on the market and optimum value for money if they book direct.  Shelton says “Price Assure is a great piece of functionality to have on our website. It constantly reassures the guest that the best way to book is direct and means the guest stays on our website rather than booking on an online travel agency thereby helping us reduce our commission fees.”

Dolby Hotel uses Guestline’s cloud hosted hotel booking software, Rezlynx PMS and Guestline’s Channel Manager to operate and manage bookings along with the day to day running of the 64 bedroomed city-centre hotel. 

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