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PCI DSS Are You Compliant?


Payment Card issuers have joined forces to create a security standard to help reduce the level of fraud and card data loss, this is known as the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).

You may already have been contacted by your bank with a request to confirm that your handling of cards, particularly where electronically stored, meets the requirements of the standard, this can be a very demanding and expensive process both in terms of monetary cost and management time.

Guestline have created a new product ‘PCI Lynx’ which is a combination of technology and business processes aimed at achieving compliance in a structured, easy to follow process.

We provide the key elements of the standard in a straightforward workflow form which can be managed on-line, we also provide the means for hotels to continue to use credit cards as a guarantee method for bookings despite one of the principal requirements of PCI DSS, which states that it is prohibited to store the card security code (CV2).  

The challenge for hotels is that PCI DSS says you cannot store the CV2 number but your acquiring bank requires you to use the security code when making a ‘customer not present’ transaction. For example if the guest does not arrive or cancels outside your cancellation policy.  PCI Lynx has a secure, easy to operate, solution to this problem.

()We also provide other key requirements:-

  • A customised Information Security Policy for your Hotel
  • An engineers site visit to perform a comprehensive wireless security scan and an audit of your personal firewall and anti virus protection
  • An on-line training facility in payment card security for your staff
  • External security scans from an accredited scanning company (required quarterly) with the required certification
  • A PCI DSS Self Assessment Form tool to assist in the completion of this complex document

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