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7C's E-guide

Online Travel Agent Rankings: How To Get To Pole Position

Seven essential “C’s” you should know, is a comprehensive E-Guide to help hotels increase their profitability.  In just a few pages, we will give you seven essential tips on how to really gain a competitive edge in the crowded online market place. 


To download it, simply click here.

 Facebook e-guide

How Facebook Can Boost Your Sales & Save You Money : Seven Essential Secrets

How Facebook can boost your sales and save you money: 7 Essential Secrets, is the second of the Guestline E-Guides designed to help you increase your revenue and exposure. In just a few pages, we will give you seven essential tips on how to harness Facebook to engage with your fans and convert ‘lookers’ into ‘bookers’. 


To download it, simply click here.

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