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Channel and Distribution Manager

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Guestline’s channel and distribution manager is a distribution platform that manages your inventory exposure to the Online Travel Agencies (OTA) and the Global Distribution System (GDS). It streamlines the channel management process by allowing you to control rates and availability from a single real-time source, removing the requirement for room allotments and manual adjustments on an individual channel basis.

Guestline’s channel manager also provides seamless integration with both of Guestline’s Property Management Systems so that bookings, regardless of their source, flow directly into the Property Management System without the need for time consuming manual data entry and allocation.

Once the rate plans and inventory have been loaded into the system and the distribution strategy has been set, rates and availability will be made available to the chosen channels. Once a reservation has been made via the GDS or one of the OTAs, the booking will be entered automatically into the hotel’s Property Management System.

Hotels have the flexibility to expose as much inventory as they choose across their chosen channels. Unlike other distribution solutions, Guestline's channel manager manages availability in real-time; if more rooms are sold locally than anticipated, the system automatically adjusts the channel availability. The reverse is also true: if more rooms are sold via an online channel, it will adjust local availability. Unintentional overbookings and erroneously closed out channels are prevented in this way.

Key Benefits

  • increase occupancy and revenue by exposing inventory to all channels
  • generate additional revenue by selling down to the last room
  • access to over 500,000 travel agents and companies worldwide via the GDS, as well as the leading OTAs
  • inventory, rates & availability are held in a single location so rate parity is easily achieved
  • seamless integration with the PMS, enabling reservations to be delivered automatically
  • cancelled inventory automatically redistributed
  • achieve higher ranking with the OTAs by having real-time availability
    How Guestline's Distribution Channel Manager Works Churchill Hotel Case Study

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